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  1. Not Sure Where to Start
  2. Fountains
  3. Cherry Song
  4. Who Told You
  5. Magic Baby
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Track Information

Not Sure Where To Start

This track is one of Chris's poems that Sharon put to music, Sharon says:
"One such poem 'Not Sure Where To Start' the melody for that one came to me whilst driving on the motorway, it was just there ... in the air, almost like it wrote itself. I love it when that happens."


Fountains is probably Chris's favourite, probably because it's got one of his charactarisicly rhythmic guitar riffs!
  • Chris Kirkland: Guitar, Vocals
  • Sharon Lewis: Vocals

The Cherry Song

Sharon started writing this one and soon enough Chris had his fingers in the pie too and helped her finish it

Who Told You

This song was knocking around for a while as one of Chris's piano pieces, Sharon started singing along one day and it quickly became another Magic Baby song...

Magic Baby

Everyone seems to love this song! Luke Adams describes it as the lullaby for the21st centuary - "Magic Baby cheers you up, when you're feeling down".