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Download Magic Baby Mp3's - 25/01/2005

Download Magic Baby Mp3's

You can now sample all the tracks off the Magic Baby 4 track EP. We've uploaded samples of the tracks for your listening pleasure and we've also uploaded the complete track Magic Baby.

Visit the Mp3s and video page

You might want the complete EP, tootle over to the Shop Page to find out more...

New Magic Baby Website - 24/01/2005

New Magic Baby Website

After months of putting it off, Magic Baby have finally unleased themselves onto the internet!!

Warning: Magic Baby cannot be held reponsible for any side effects resulting from visits this site; these may include, but are not limited to:

  • Coveting your child(s) teddy bear

  • Greater understaning of your pets

  • Telling all your friends to visit the site themselves

  • Eating less hats

  • Buying the Magic Baby EP

Good luck and safe surfing.

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